A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

You play as a loader of a Moving On Express company (MovEx for short). The job is very simple, help family to move on from their current home into a new land of hopes and dreams by loading their stuff onto a truck. But be careful! You have limited time and make sure to not damage their property, or it will be covered by your paycheck ;)

This was my first game. Ever. Never made one before. Never used Unity, never used Bolt, never used MagicaVoxel to build assets. I literally made (*almost) everything down by myself, from game design to mechanical and technical implementation. IN ONE WEEK.

I want to thank @CillianCreates for original soundtrack that he made for the game :)

WASD / Arrows - Moving up/down/left/right
Spacebar - Pickup, place and drop objects
Left Shift - Sprint

Tools used:


MovingOnExpress.zip 23 MB
MovingOnExpress.app.zip 39 MB

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